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Who we are?

We are HEX, the iPhone,
iPad & iPod Repair Specialists.

We’re here to help. Hex repair specialists are high performing and trusted experts in the field of iPhone and other technology repairs. We use genuine or the highest quality replacement parts and always do everything that we possibly can repair and restore your device, while many other repair centres are unable to do or simply in a hurry to sell you a new device. All of our repairs are backed by a no-nonsense 90 day warranty. Also we really understand how important your device is, that's why we're open 7 days a week.

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What we can do for you?

Since we started we have fixed over 20,000 [smartphones] and over 10,000 computers. We regularly repair, or find solutions to, technical issues that other repair stores have labeled ‘unrepairable’— even by the Apple store. We also regularly repair devices that were damaged after other repair stores ‘repaired’ them. We pride ourselves on the fact that our technicians produce a higher success rate than any other specialists. If your device can be repaired; we will repair it. If we say that it cannot be repaired; you can trust that we have thoroughly assessed every millimetre of your device before reaching that conclusion.

Who we are?

Starting out as a small local repair store in Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland, Hex has grown over the last 10 years to garner a reputation as the go-to place for expert repairs and technical issues, working closely with major retailers and networks such as John Lewis, Geroge Watson College, NHS Scotland, The University of Edinburgh. For 3 years running we have been the finalists for the Scottish Independent Retailer awards and winning the title in 2015. Which is a reward for the years of hard work, expertise and focus on customer service.


Our vision

We aim to become the best trusted repair centre of choice, providing the most honest assessments and high quality repairs. We don’t want to provide the cheapest fix. We want to provide value to customers with the most thorough and reliable repair job to get your device back to the way it was so that you can depend on it again.

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Our Philosophy

We are achieving this vision with our 100% focus on customer satisfaction. In the last 10 years, we have seen many businesses (not just repair centres) come and go because they were too focused on simply getting the customer in the door, but not serving them to the best of their ability. Aside from the satisfaction that helping customers bring us, we also know— without a shadow of doubt— that this is the only way to do business.


We do everything we can to repair your device and all of our repairs are carried out in-store. Selling you a new device or removing integral parts is the absolute last resort unless it's what the customer needs — at which point it is in our best interest to find you the most affordable, high quality solution.


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Same Day Repair

Our service is quick, efficient and organised meaning that you get your phone back to the way it was FAST and get this whole issue off of your mind so you can get back to what is more important… all without any hassle, chasing or surprises.


True know-how

Unfortunately, around 1 in 10 of our customers bring us their iPhone in order to repair the damage done by another Apple ‘specialist’. Your device, data and privacy never leave our building while our team fixes your iPhone, iPod or iPad. We will also fix the real problem with your apple device even after other technicians have said that your phone was a goner!

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90 Days Warranty

We explain in pure English, with no computer-babble, what the problem is and what can be done (and by when). You will remain informed of the details from start to finish and can contact us at anytime.