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We understand that a problem with your iPod is a slightly anxiety provoking event. Especially since several—and (in our opinion) the best— iPod models are now no longer being made.

Fortunately, most problems with the iPod are very easily fixed so you can rest assured that your device very likely has several more years of life left! At Hex we have the knowledge, skills and hard-to-find parts to get your iPod back to the way it was and off of your mind for good!

We see every kind of iPod everyday and would be happy to fix any issue you might experience with yours. When you get your phone repaired by us we ensure your absolute privacy and security meaning that all of your data and important/private information will not be lost or comprimised.

Our expert technicians will be able to find the fault with your iPod, even when other technicians were unable to figure out the issue. We will also explain the problem, and what will be done about it in plain English so that you are assured that your iPod is completely safe.


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Same Day Repair

Our service is quick, efficient and organised meaning that you get your phone back to the way it was FAST and get this whole issue off of your mind so you can get back to what is more important… all without any hassle, chasing or surprises.


True know-how

Unfortunately, around 1 in 10 of our customers bring us their iPhone in order to repair the damage done by another Apple ‘specialist’. Your device, data and privacy never leave our building while our team fixes your iPhone, iPod or iPad. We will also fix the real problem with your apple device even after other technicians have said that your phone was a goner!

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90 Days Warranty

We explain in pure English, with no computer-babble, what the problem is and what can be done (and by when). You will remain informed of the details from start to finish and can contact us at anytime.