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Free Guide to unlock iPhone

 Why do I need to unlock iPhone?


Before an iPhone is 'unlocked', it is tied to a specific network provider. This means that the phone can only be used by a sim-card from this network provider. When the phone is unlocked,
this lock is removed meaning that it can be used by any sim-card.

The additional benefits of this, besides being able to switch services but keep your old phone,
are that you can switch to a lower priced network provider and you can pass your phone on to


Hex’s pro guide to the top 6 myths and misconceptions surrounding iPhone unlocking:

Literally any person who has heard of the concept of unlocking a smartphone will also likely have come accross one of the following 'myths' of mobile-phone unlocking:

1. iPhone unlocking is illegal

iPhone unlocking is completely legal. It allows you to use a network of your choice. Allot of people mistake unlocking for unblocking/unbarring. Unblocking/unbarring is when the network provider has blacklisted the phone’s IMEI number, which happens in the case of a customer not paying their phone bill for several months or if the phone was lost or stolen and barred by the previous owner. Attempting to remove this bar is known as unblocking and is illegal. While every network has different terms and conditions about unlocking, it is not illegal. You wont get blacklisted nor will you be fined. If someone attempts to unlock a phone while there is still a contract tied to it, it will simply not unlock, unless there is something in the terms and conditions that allows for the unlocking of that phone.

2. You will lose your data if your iPhone is unlocked

No, you wont. The process doesn’t involve any modification or alterations to the software or data.

3. Unlocking your iPhone will void its warranty

Unlocking an iPhone does not void its warranty because it is not a form of hardware modification. All means of unlocking iPhone used by HEX, for example, are official apple/network methods. There is no instance in which a warranty can be voided.

4. You need to ‘Jailbreak’ your iPhone or install software in order to unlock it

Absolutely not. Jailbreaking an iPhone was a trick that used to be used on old iPhones to essentially cheat the phone into thinking that it had been unlocked. This method of ‘unlocking’ has not been common since the iPhone 3 was available… (at the time of writing this we are on iPhone 8!) Not only do the technicians at Hex not use this method, it is very uncommon to find a store who use this method. Almost all unlocking procedures carried out by anyone are done using official apple/network methods.

5. Getting someone to unlock your iPhone remotely (i.e. via the internet) is risky and should be avoided at all costs

Remotely unlocking a phone is the normal and usual procedure as it doesn't involve any modifications to the software or hardware. All iPhone unlocking are processed by the network and apple together— so essentially there is no way of carrying out an iPhone unlock other than remotely. The only risk of getting your iPhone unlocked remotely relates to the money that you can potentially lose by using an un-reputable person i.e. a scammer. Unfortunatley, there are some very unfair people who will take money for the ‘unlocking’ of your phone without the possibility of a refund. It is possible for some sites to manipulate their online reputation through Facebook or un-reputable sites, which is why we recommend you check official review sources such as Google or Yelp before making a buying decision.

6. You cannot unlock a foreign iPhone network or sim

Yes you can. For example, at Hex we unlock phones from networks all around the world. The only instance in which this may not be possible is if a certain country has a legal system that does not allow for the unlocking of phones. This is incredibly uncommon. In which case a solution may not be available for those few networks in particular countries. But again, this is a legal issue (not a technical one) and in those rare countries it cannot be done under any circumstance.

If you have any more questions at all about getting your iPhone unlocked-- or to get your iPhone unlocked fast-- just get in touch using the following contact details and one of our friendly representatives will answer any questions and lead you by the hand to find you a solution.


To unlock your iPhone pop in to HEX at 14 Home Street, Edinburgh.

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